Stormwater Management:

The stormwater requirements of the federal Clean Water Act are administered under the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) Program. In December 2002, DEP issued a General Permit (“PAG-13”) for use by MS4s that fall under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II program, requiring the implementation of a stormwater management program for minimizing the impacts from runoff.

Under existing law, municipalities in Northeastern Pennsylvania must curb pollution in the Susquehanna River by 10% in the next five years (2023). Each municipality is required to provide public education and involvement, illicit discharge detection and elimination, construction site stormwater runoff control, stormwater control for new development and redevelopment, pollution detection and good housekeeping document retention. In order to accomplish all of this additional controls and improvements must be made to Stormwater controls, mapping of all inlets and discharges must be completed, existing drains and piping must be cleaned and inspected, streets must be swept and audits of the work must be completed. All of this must be done yearly. The Wyoming Valley Sewer Authority (WVSA) has undertaken the task of serving as the Permit Administrator for Lehman Township and thirty-one other municipalities in Luzerne County. The work involved to satisfy the permit requirements is same for each community regardless of size. The mandate created by the law results in the landowners being burdened with the cost. By joining with the other thirty-one communities and agreeing to allow WVSA to administer the permit, the cost to Lehman Township residents will be much less than if the Township decided to take on this massive requirement alone.


If any resident witnesses an illicit discharge please call the Township office at 570-674-7788. Once the complaint is received a representative will visit the location of the complaint as soon as possible and fill out an Illicit Discharge Report Form.

The municipalities participating in the regional Plan include the Cities of Nanticoke, Pittston, and Wilkes-Barre; the Boroughs of Ashley, Courtdale, Duryea, Edwardsville, Exeter, Forty Fort, Hughestown, Kingston, Laflin, Larksville, Luzerne, Plymouth, Pringle, Sugar Notch, Swoyersville, Warrior Run, West Pittston, West Wyoming, Wyoming, and Yatesville; and the Townships of Hanover, Jackson, Jenkins, Lehman, Newport, Pittston, Plains, Plymouth, and Wilkes-Barre.

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