Recycling Center
Please do not bring any glass to the center. Thank you.

We heard our residents and have decided to reopen our recycling center as of April 15, 2020.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Our hauler has informed us they cannot take any more glass at this time! Therefore, we will not be taking any glass at our center. We apologize for this inconvenience and we are working to find a solution. Thank you.


We will run our normal hours, however, no new permits will be issued in person. If you need a permit, please visit our website and mail in the application with payment and/or copy of license and registration proving residency. We will mail you your permit.


Please abide by the statewide social distancing policies that are in place.


Our attendant Donny will check permits as cars enter — from a distance so please make sure you either hold it up or place it on the back of the car rear view mirror.


Thank you! We appreciate your feedback and your cooperation during this time.

Residents of Lehman Township and nearby towns are welcome to use our Recycling Center. This brings a low-cost recycling option to our residents and surrounding community.  


Our Center is located in the rear of the township offices; follow the road down the left side of the buildings to the recycling bins.


Here at Lehman, we currently use the Single Stream recycling method which means no separation required. We have looking into moving into a dual stream method, HOWEVER, we have decided to keep our center AS IS and no changes will be made at this time.

We want to thank our residents and permit holders for making changes in the way they recycle to make this possible.

EFFECTIVE JUNE 2, 2019 we have had to implement set hours, with an attendant, at our recycling center to monitor all recycling going into our containers, to verify permits and to turn away trash and unaccepted items.
What do we accept?

Here is a list of items we can and cannot accept at our facility.

YES Clean Aluminum Cans;
YES Clean Steel Cans;
YES Clean Tin Cans;
YES Clean Plastic #1-#2***
YES Clean newspaper, office paper, magazines;
YES Clean Cardboard that is broken down;
YES Clean Brown Paper Bags;
***See the NO list below

NO Glass of any kind;

NO Plastic bags of any kind;
NO Food Stained containers;
NO Aerosol cans;
NO Styrofoam of any kind;
NO Paper towels or napkins;
NO Chip, candy or any other wrapper;
NO Ceramic glass, dishware, drinking glasses, bulbs, mirrors or window glass;
NO Shredded paper or paper to-go containers, waxed paper, waxed cardboard or frozen drink/food containers;
NO Hazardous or medical waste; Please contact the office for options to dispose of medication.
NO Any items NOT indicated on the “accepted items” list at the recycling center.

Recycling Center is under surveillance by a Video Monitoring System and said footage will be used to identify dumping!

We ask everyone to be respectful of our center.  If you drop your recycling near or at the center, please pick it up.  We appreciate everyone for doing their part in keeping Lehman clean!

With a grant received through the Luzerne County Recycling Department, Lehman Township has been able to both educate and inform residents and community members about our Recycling Center. This grant has been utilized to both share what we offer here at the Township and provide useful information regarding what is recyclable and best recycling practices. We will apply for this grant again during the next round and hope to continue to get information out via printed newspaper to the community.




When you visit our recycling center during regular business hours, you may fill out a permit form with the attendant. The permit will be issued immediately if you have the required proof of residency.



When you visit our recycling center during regular business hours, you may fill out a permit form with the attendant. The permit will be issued immediately if you have the required yearly fee. THIS IS A YEARLY PERMIT, AND MUST BE RENEWED IN OR BEFORE JANUARY OF EACH YEAR. Please bring exact cash or a check made out to “Lehman Township”.


Renewal Permits- Each year a Renewal form will need to be filled out for and submitted with the yearly required fee.  If no changes have occurred, no additional verification is required.