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Treasurer, Alvin Cragle, receives an award for 35 years of service to Lehman Township from Senator Lisa Baker at the 2013 Local PSATS convention.

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Lehman Township was officially born / named in August of 1829 after Doctor William Lehman.

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The year 2014 will mark Lehman's 185th Birthday!

BRANDON'S RUN, 5K & Sports Equipment Collection!!!


Runners /walkers needed for a great cause. Also we are collecting any sports equipment, Basketball, football, soccer and so on. NEW or GENTLY used! These are two senior projects, kids helping kids! PLEASE come out! Innocent children who end up in Foster care through No fault of their own due to abuse, neglect or abandoment need you. Money raised will go to Brandon's forever home, A 50 1 C 3, charitable organization which helps these kids in need. 100% of all money raised goes to the children. Brandon's is an all volunteer nonprofit. All donations are tax deductable. **********At this events we will have music, food, drinks and booths, a great family event! Adults pre-registration until 6/10/15 for a t-shirt $20. At the event $25. Youth 17 & under $15 pre-registration with t-shirt by 06/10/15. At event $20. Kids 10 and under free unless t shirt wanted then $7. By 06/10/15. Payable to: Brandon's forever home, Mail to: Lehman Twp Bldg. PO Box 262 Lehman, PA 18627 forms will be available on may 21st. Forms below.

Lake-Lehman Jr. / Sr. High School