Found a pet? Click here to learn some ways to help reunite him/her with their owner.


Lost a pet? Act Fast. Click here to learn what to do when your pet is lost.

If you create a “LOST” flier make sure it contains telephone number and the town AND state in which the animal is lost.

Contact any and all surrounding vet offices – finder may take to local veterinarian office to check for chip.

Numbers to contact:

Call your local law enforcement agency. 

If no answer, leave a message. 

Lehman Twp.: 570-675-1483

Luzerne County Dog Warden: 

J. Spencer: 570-350-9392

Luzerne County SPCA: 570-825-4111

Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge: 570-333-5265

Another contact would be Northeast Veterinary Referral Hospital: 570-208-8877. 

File a lost or found report with them. This service is complementary and no appointment is necessary. Since they are usually open 24 hours a day, many people bring lost and found pets to them for scan.

Facebook is a surprisingly great (and FAST) resource for Lost & Found pets. 

There are several local pages helping pets each day be reunited with their owners.


If you lost your pet and they are micro-chipped.... notify your microchip company right away and make sure all of your microchip information is up to date. Also have the microchip company put out an alert on your pets’ microchip. This way if your pet is scanned it will come up right away that the pet has been reported missing. BUT......Please do not reply 100% on microchips. Unfortunately, they can get missed, migrate or even fall out, so contact Shelters, Rescues, Veterinarians and Animal Hospitals as well.


Many people overlook registering a microchip in their name when they adopt a pet. This means the microchip will come up registered to the shelter and not the owner if it is scanned. Shelters are only open specific hours and update their data banks and change computers all the time. This causes them to lose the original owner’s information. It is very important for adopters to contact the microchip company themselves so they can make sure all the information on their missing pets is up to date with their information.


Post Flyers Everywhere. Flyers are the best way to help reach people directly in your community. Please be mindful of local ordinances regarding signage and NEVER interfere with the sight lines of pedestrians and/or automobiles on roadways.


We would like to thank Terry Timonte for her guidance in the making of this portion of our website. She has worked tirelessly for years helping people in our area be reunited with their lost pets. We appreciate her taking the time to assist us on making these helpful hints both easy and effective when dealing with a lost or found pet.