State  Pennsylvania
Township :   Lehman Population :      3,508+-   
Postal Code   18627 Latitude:        41.3169  
Longitude -76.0227

About Us

The Township Supervisor’s meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of every month at 7:00pm, except on holidays and unless advertised differently.


Our meetings are open to the public and residents are encouraged to attend.

Lehman Township Supervisors
At Lehman Township we have three Supervisors working for you. They each take on multiple projects and head different areas of importance. Ray Iwanowski (left) has sat on the board in Lehman Township for 28 years. He also oversees the Lehman Township Police Department. David Sutton (center) has held a seat on our board for 30 years. He handles most of the day-to-day operating of the township along with final submission of grant applications, all Right-to-Know requests and all public relations on behalf of the Township. Douglas Ide (right) has been on the board for 38 years. He is also our Road Master overseeing the Road Department. Together our supervisors review and act upon any issue that arise in the Township.

Road Department
The Lehman Township Road Department staffs four full-time employees; Dean Kreidler, Adam Stefanowicz, Frank Ide and Christopher Lathrop under the direction of Supervisor and Road Master, Douglas Ide. The Road Department is responsible for maintaining of Township roadways and residential streets in the township. Their duties include general road maintenance; snow removal and salting of the roadways during inclement weather; replacement and repair of culverts; roadside mowing and weed control; repair or replacement of roadway signage; street sweeping; maintenance and repair of the township’s equipment and vehicle fleet and general maintenance and upkeep of Lehman Township's facilities.

Alvin Cragle has been our Township Treasurer and has assisted the Board of Supervisors in the preparation of and execution of the budget for 41 years. He keeps distinct and accurate accounts of all sources of revenue.  He is also responsible for the payment of the bills at the  direction of the Board of Supervisors. Mr. Cragle not only provides both monthly and annual account statements but is readily available to Supervisors and staff. We value Mr. Cragle’s knowledge and without his economical guidance, the Township would not be in the excellent financial position we are today.