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Our attorney and I had a very productive meeting with WVSA last week. By way of background, all the communities that joined the WVSA Regional Stormwater Program entered into an Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement because they were required to comply with their MS4 permits. As a result, there is no procedure in the ICA for a community to withdraw. We requested a withdrawal in light of our Waiver, keeping in mind that the township would have to bear its portion of the program costs to date WVSA is in the process of calculating Lehman’s share of the costs to date. We also discussed another scenario where Lehman would stay in the Program at a reduced rate, paid by the Township and our residents would be reimbursed for payments they have made. This mandate is evolving and we are concerned that if we get out of the Program, we may not be able to get back in and the long-term costs to residents would be substantial if our Waiver is not renewed after five years or if the requirements change. This is an evolving concept that will involve further discussion.

WVSA extended the date to receive the 1st and 2nd quarter payments to June 5th without penalty. I was hoping that this matter would be resolved by now, but after listening to both attorneys at our meeting I understand why it will take a little more time. In order to avoid any penalties please consider paying for your 1st and 2nd quarters bill. Doug, Ray and I mailed ours in this week. Everyone at the meeting agreed that we would work towards a solution to this matter before the 3rd quarter bills are due. Until, a resolution is achieved we are still in the Program and still required to pay the fee.

We thank the WVSA for showing a willingness to try resolve this matter by setting up our meeting and considering our unique situation created when Lehman received the waiver for our MS4 permit.

If one good thing came out of this whole situation, it’s the fact that many of our residents got involved. Without your input we would never have made the last successful attempt to apply for the MS4 waiver. I’ll keep everyone updated as this process evolves. Thank you for your patience.

Dave Sutton, Chairman


Lehman Township, Luzerne County Founded in 1829, population 3,508 +/-