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All Roads lead to Lehman where the sky is blue, grass is green and miles of beautiful foliage can be seen...



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Zoning officer Tue, Wed, Thur, 1 PM to 3 PM or by appointment call 570-675-8224

Occupancy permits are REQUIRED on ALL property transfers and sales in Lehman Township, see Zoning page for more information.

Lehman Township, Luzerne County Founded in 1829, population 3,508 +-

The year 2019 will mark Lehman's 190th Birthday!



We are continuing to work on a solution to resolve the issue regarding the WVSA Storm Water Fee. For many years the Township was able to comply with the MS4 requirements with in house employees. In September of 2017 we researched the requirements of a waiver of the MS4 permit but due to our proximity of a five-mile radius to an “impaired” (polluted) stream we could not satisfy the requirements and did not apply for it. We were even successful in obtaining a grant for work on installing infiltration piping along Jackson Road to comply with the permit requirements at that time. When the Phase II EPA requirements to reduce pollutants and sediment by 10% over five years took effect, it was apparent the Township was no longer able to afford the cost of managing the program in house. It is estimated that costs over the five years would exceed $3,000,000 which would have required a huge tax increase. As a result, we entered into the agreement with WVSA which would share the cost of the program with other municipalities. It was our understanding that the cost to our residents would be in the range of $3.00 to $4.50 per residential unit per month. As soon as we discovered that this was not the case for many, we notified WVSA of our concerns and asked them to reconsider their method of determining the rate. Although some changes have been made to reduce the burden, we still believe that our residents are being treated unfairly. As a result, we again researched the possibility of applying for an MS4 waiver. In doing so, we discovered that some recent changes to the map showing the impaired stream had changed. The impairment now begins outside of Lehman Township and it is not a result of surface runoff. Any surface water leaving Lehman does not contribute to the impairment.


It took a few weeks to prepare our case and on February 1, 2019 we applied for a waiver of our MS4 permit. We are confident that our request has merit this time. If we get the waiver, we will no longer need to comply with the MS4 requirements and will immediately request termination of the agreement with WVSA.


We are confident that we’ll have some good news to report soon. Please share this information and follow this page so all our residents are getting the most up to date and accurate information. Also find and follow us on Facebook for this and other Township information. Our Official Facebook page is Lehman Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.


Dave Sutton, Chairman

Lehman Township Board of Supervisors